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Tsukiji project

Location : Tsukiji, Tokyo

Type : Research Proposal

 1   /   2020

Tsukiji Fish Market was a vibrant center for the food culture of Tokyo; the sheer scale of the market along with the diverse seafood made it a unique hub that showcased the culture of Tokyo. After its tragic demolition preceding the Tokyo Olympic, the massive lot stayed vacant, its future in a state of limbo.


​In this research project, we focused on the current situation of underutilized water infrastructure and network of Tokyo. Located near both the Tokyo bay and Sumida River, we envisioned the site as becoming a node for connecting people with the rich water network, revitalizing water transportation and waterfront recreation.​ Restaurants, cafes, sports recreation center, along with hotels and housings will fill the area, bringing vibrant activities to the waterfront.

Full project report and article :