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izumi tea&bar: original furniture

Location : Yokohama, Japan

Type : Interior (Completed)

 1   /   2018

Originally designed for the Izumi tea&bar project, the stainless steel chair and tables were designed to maximize spacial efficiency while retaining the spacial aesthetics. The chairs were designed to be stackable, thus the two chair modules were designed. Although similar in shape, the two modules have different frames so that they can stack on top of the other.

In the case of a party, these chairs can be stacked and stored elsewhere without taking up much storing space. ​The tables and chairs share a design code, with thin stainless steel frames to give the space a sense of unity.

​The exterior furnitures were also built with stainless steel, but has a different design code to reduce size and weight for ease of carrying them in and out of the bar. The tabletop is a ready-made tray, welded to steel frames.

The two types of furniture holds different design language, but the philosophy behind them are common in that they try to meet the requirement of the client while retaining a thorough and consistent design aesthetics.