izumi tea&bar

Location : Yokohama, Japan

Type : Interior (Completed)

 1   /   2018

Izumi-Cho is a small neighborhood in Yokohama, a narrow strip of land along a road connecting Yokohama station and National Route 1. This neighborhood was the home for many small local shops and businesses, creating a tightly knit community. Despite this cozy nature, the neighborhood lacked a communal hub where people can regularly gather and enjoy some drink and friendly conversation.

Thus, we have designed a cafe / bar where locals can gather and enjoy; a community hub for the people of Izumi-Cho.


The space has several features; large stainless-steel doors that fully open, originally designed furnitures, and triangular-sectioned lighting shades. All of these features were designed to create a unique space that can act as a symbol for the locals that conveys a sense of newness as well as a cozy atmosphere.