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Kaunas science museum

Location : Kaunas, Lithuania

Type : Competition

 10   /   2016

 The City of Kaunas is a juxtaposition of contrasting features: the historic urban center, lush nature of Nemunas Island, and the developing riverside area. Our aim was to create a facility that acts not only as a center of scientific significance, but also an urban device that connects these diverse areas for citizens and visitors to circulate smoothly through the mesmerizing city.

The Science center will be placed near the narrow tip of Nemunas Island, where future connection to the convention center is anticipated, and integrated the access across the river with the science facility.

Due to its placement, our proposal will be able to keep the existing plot of greenery in the Island untouched, sustaining the islands function as a leisure and recreation area. At the same time, the facility can obtain panoramic view of the island as well as the grandeur river, acting as a new visitor destination for the city.

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